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It's all about emotions - face them!

Are you on the lookout?

Searching for something unique that fills your space with inspiration and gives the viewer a very specific feeling?


My intension: it is important to me to capture emotions with colour and express them with my art. Feelings are an important part of us and carry a deep message. A work of art can give us so much, touch us so deeply and be a home for our feelings - it is always there. 


Escaping social pressures and excessive input and immersing myself in worlds of colour, creating worlds of colour as an anchor for the soul, as a time-out, as a source of inspiration - that is what I have made my mission and my purpose in life.

Discover my artworks and find what you are looking for!

Write me if a work of art appeals to you or if you have any questions.

Since June my art is represented at SINGULART, a top international online gallery.

I love to integrate my art into everyday life as an everyday object,
it brings colour into life and gives special moments.
Here you will find a small, fine selection of stationery with my art.

NEW: "Just breathe, feel and paint!"
It's a passion of mine to fill other people with creativity. I developed this workshop to create a space in which emotions can be felt and find their way through colour on canvas with my impulses a unique experience for individuals or small groups. Spoken language: German. English is planned for next year.

Are you in the area and interested in my art?
Write me an e-Mail and make an appointment in my studio to have a look at my artworks.

My service
Not sure which of my works will best complement your room and create a unique sense of space?
You can hire your favourite work of art for 2 weeks for a fee.
I will be happy to view the space on site and advise you free of charge.
Not from the area? No problem!
Send me pictures of your premises and I will insert my artwork virtually,
so that you can get a first impression.

When you Enter the room and it gives you more than it's function - there is colour, there is emotion, there is an anchor in everyday life, there is inspiration...



Laurah is an artist who lives in her studio in the border triangle in the southern Black Forest. Her artworks find a home in private and public spaces. Capturing emotions in colour is her passion. With her art, she invites us to look - no matter what the emotion is.

When she is not capturing depths, she creates worlds of colour that are intended to give the viewer a break from all the hustle and bustle, social pressures and stress. She creates a home for emotions and images that act as a source of inspiration. 

In my studio.

Your artwork



Are you looking for a work of art that will make a particular room something special? I take my inspiration from your colour preferences and your premises and create an individual work of art for you.

Write to me without obligation

You can find detailed information on the process of commissioned work


Would you like to view my art directly in the studio or do you have any questions?

 Write me an email and/or make an appointment.

Follow me for more creativity @laurahs.artstudio

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